Networking 101

If a person mentions the word network many people generally think of computers. When we add ing to the word then the noun can become a verb or adjective. If you ask 10 people the definition of networking, you’re liable to come up with 10 different answers.  

The term, networking is a compound word and in order to understand it, we must look at each word separately. Once we do this then we can put the definitions of the two words together for a good definition of this compound word.

The last word is working which implies work. Usually when a person works. he or she expends energy and effort. The word is not net-sit, net-eat, net-stand in a corner by myself or net-observe. It’s network.

The first word is net. When you think of a fisherman’s net, he or she casts it into the water to catch what fish that they can. Some of the fish that are caught will not be beneficial to the fisherman but many will be. Some fish like piranhas or barracudas will only take from you, they never help you.

When we combine the words with their definitions then for the business professional, networking becomes working at casting out our net and what we haul into our net ought to be for the betterment of those around us.

If someone only wants to sell you their products or services then they don’t really understand networking. Over the years, I have watched people prey on others just as a piranha would.

I often see people at networking meetings who call themselves networking but they only know one aspect of networking. They have a mentality of let me see what I can get for myself. These same people never read books on networking, attend seminars or classes, they simply show up at the meetings.  

If you know of someone who is new in business, before they spend a fortune on advertising and marketing, have them contact us or someone like us. Building a network of business professionals around you to help you grow your business is the most cost effective way to build a business.

Whether you are new to networking or have been doing it for some time, invest in yourself by reading books or attending a seminar that will help you become even more proficient. At Training of Champions, we teach a fantastic seminar called Traits of Champion Networkers. We can teach it to an individual or an entire company.

Some wonderful books that we recommend are: Networking Like a Pro by Dr. Ivan Misner, David Alexander and Brian Hillard,The Networking Guru by James Barber, The Go-Giver by Bob Burg, Tips to becoming an Efficient and Effective Networker by Amy Kilpatrick and David Crumbaugh and 29% Solution by Dr. Ivan Misner and Michelle Donovan. All of these books are available on Amazon.

What great books have you read on networking? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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       James Barber

       Author of The Networking Guru