The new kid on the block

Often times those of a neighborhood who have been there for a while do not easily receive the new kid on the block. The new kid may struggle to gain the trust of those around him; however, once the community trusts the new kid then he will often become part of the family. Until that happens he is often ridiculed and bullied.

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I wrote a blog last week titled, The all-time most profitable thief. There is a new kid on the block that people didn’t understand when he first arrived. He has now gained the confidence of thousands of people. For many, the new kid has become a member of their family and has more favor than a child, spouse or pet.

A place exists for the new kid but he should never become more important than your spouse, child or pet. The new kid has fought hard to gain the title and become the number 1 thief. 

Since you’re anxious to know who the new kid is, I’ll tell you. Social Media has worked overtime to gain the trust of numerous people. For many, Social Media has surpassed television as the one thing that they can’t live without. He robs countless hours of productivity from the lives of his victims. He doesn’t care about you, your family, your friends or your neighbors.

There is a place for social media. It can be used as a tool to stay in contact with family and friends from across the world. People can even meet others. Posting current events allows friends and family to keep up with your world. The problem comes when it rules your life.

I know people who spend several hours every day on social media. I know others when it’s time for a meal, they will not eat without looking at their favorite social media site. Whatever happened to spending time with people without looking at a phone, Ipad or other electronic device to see if someone posted something new?

Don’t allow the new kid on the block to rob from you any longer! Unless you work for a marketing firm, if average spending more than 30 minutes per day on social media, it is robbing from you time that you will never recover. I venture to say this; those closest to you wish you would banish the thief from your home.

Take this test. For 1 week throw out the new kid and the time that you would normally spent with him, spend it with people that you love. If you kick out television and social media for 1 week and enjoy the company of family and friends that are local, you will have a great week and you will learn that the all-time most profitable thief and the new kid on the block are not nearly as important as you think they are.



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       James Barber

       Author of The Networking Guru

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  • S from B

    12/30/2015 1:45:11 PM | Reply

    James has hit the nail on the head.  I believe in watching TV and engaging in social media in moderation, but folks just spend way too much time concerning themselves with what everyone else is doing and not enough time with their family. It has definitely robbed me of quality time with my loved one. I feel social media has bred a generation that is complacent, unimaginative and socially challenged.  I was having lunch yesterday and EVERYONE in my seating area was engaged in social media and spent little time engaging in conversation with each other.  How can it be more enjoyable to interact with an electronic device than with a loved one?