7 Reasons You're Not As Successful As You Should Be

I am an avid reader and try to read something every day that can benefit me or my family and friends. Often times, I will save the gold nuggets that I read to use in a seminar, a blog or a future book. A few months ago I read a blog by Jim Kukral that needed to be shared. Jim has written several books and gives keynote presentations. His blog included 13 reasons but I condensed his list to my top 7.




#1 – Laziness

I don’t think there’s an easy way to put this. I have to assume that you’re lazy. Every single successful person works long hours to get where they are. It’s ok to be lazy. Just admit it. But don’t whine about not being rich and successful, ok?

#2 – Entitlement

Only a few people in the world are part of the lucky club. You and me? We gotta work to get what we want. Quit thinking you are owed something. You’re not. Get to work.

#3 – Fear

You are afraid of looking silly or what your friends and family will say.

You can’t do it because you’re not pretty enough or don’t have a strong personality? You don’t have the “X” factor? Wow, what an unbelievably lame excuse. Look, you’re either going to stop being afraid, or you’re not. Nobody can convince you to stop. Imagine though... what awaits you when you stop with the fear excuses?

#4 – Negativity

You may not realize it, but the people you associate with might be negative. They could be soul-sucking beings who don’t want anyone to be successful. Get rid of them, now! Surround yourself with successful people. People you want to be like.

#5 – No Goals

You plan nothing. You believe that someway, somehow, everything you always wanted will just magically happen. So you “play it by ear” and wait. You need goals to shoot for. Otherwise, you’re just treading water.

#6 – Time Waste especially on Social Media

You’re a classic time-waster. You spend way too much time in social media land. You waste probably about 50% of your productive hours of the day doing this. The sad part is, you know it, but you can’t stop. You do things that aren’t productive. How are you ever going to get anything done, or reach any goal if you keep wasting time? You’re not. So you might as well give up now if you’re going to keep this path.

#7 – Don’t Believe

You never believe that it’s possible. Society taught you that only a few “exceptional” people get what they want. Everyone else should just settle. If you really want to believe that, go ahead. The rest of us will be at the front of the line because we believe.


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