Life is not fair!

My wife, Brenda and I have 2 beautiful daughters, Rebecca Dempsey and Jesicca Prath. When they were young, if they did not like a decision that my wife and I made, they would say, "Daddy, that's not fair." My answer was always the same, "You're right. The fair comes in October." 

This past week as I listened to The Rich Life Show, hosted by a couple of my friends, Beau Henderson and Bill Lampton, they made a statement that rings loud, clear and true. “We are all given the same amount of time.”

Beau is a financial advisor and has written a best-selling book, The Rich Life. Bill is a speech and communication coach, keynote speaker and motivational speaker.  

They discussed different things that we may not have been given. Some have been given better facial features than others. Some have been given a talent for music while others can’t carry a tune in a bucket with the lid on it. Some have been given a photographic memory while others have a major case of sometimers. Sometimes they remember things and other times they do not.

A man started walking up stairs but then his cell phone rang. He stopped mid-way up the stairs and answered his phone. When he finished the conversation, he couldn’t remember whether he was going up the stairs or coming down. Does this sound familiar?

When we see others who have talents that we do not have, many times jealousy grabs hold of the heart. We start to feel sorry for ourselves and we want to serve pout soup at our pity party. We are all unique in our own way. No one has the same thumb print as you.

Don’t complain about what you do not have. Realize that you have been given 24 hours in a day. Take advantage of the hours that you have. Don’t waste the time. You can never recover those hours.

In one of the books that I have read, it says time and chance happens to all. It’s what you do with the opportunities that present themselves to you.

It bothers me when I see people waste the hours of their life. Instead of using the hours for reading, attending seminars, college or training, people will allow video games, gambling or other vices to steal the precious hours of their life.

Use your time wisely and you’ll be amazed at the results you will experience. 

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       James Barber

       Author of The Networking Guru