Law of the Harvest

A few days ago as I looked at Facebook, a friend of mine, Beau Henderson with Rich Life Advisors and author of the best-selling book "The Rich Life" posted a quote by James Allen.

The Law of Harvest is to reap more than you sow. 
Sow an act and you reap a habit. 
Sow a habit and you reap a character.

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When a farmer puts seeds or seedlings in the ground, he or she expects that the harvest will yield more than what was sown. One grain of corn has the capability of producing an entire stalk with several ears of corn on it.

It takes time, diligence and effort to make sure the harvest comes to fruition.

For various reasons, a person may be heading toward a life of misery. A person may blame their neighborhood, parents, the government, their peers, their employer or use some other excuse for not excelling in life; however, the real reason is that the right things are not sown in a person’s life.

Dr. Ben Carson, the renowned pediatric neurosurgeon was heading down the wrong path but then his mother told him and his brother that they would have to start reading 2 books per week and writing a report. He went from failing in school and being the laughing stock of his class to becoming a top notch pediatric neurosurgeon at the famous John Hopkins hospital.

He successfully separated twins who were joined at their head. No one had ever done this before.

In the beginning, Dr. Carson didn’t want to read but because it was sown in his life, he became an avid reader. This changed his life. He was not born with the best circumstances, yet when he started sowing the right things in his life, the harvest became more than he ever expected. WOW!

Don’t let your circumstances dictate what your life produces. Start by simply sowing an act and allowing the bountiful harvest of a good habit to be produced. Next sow that habit so it brings forth an abundant character. Don’t wait until the new year for your resolution, do something today.

You may not be able to go to the library right now because they are closed but you can read a blog about a topic that can benefit you. Quit making excuses, act now.

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       James Barber

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